Laser Hair Removal – The Truth About Hyperpigmentation

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There have been a few of hearday cases in which melanomas have been identified after laser hair removal treatments were carried out for a period of more than 20 years. The National Institute of Health brought these cases to the attention of FDA. The FDA states that it is aware of seven such cases that all involved patients who had laser treatments on the advice of their dermatologists.

There are many theories about the reason for this however there is no evidence or facts to confirm the theory. Over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation may be a contributing cause. Others believe that the cause is a genetic predisposition. It is linked to skin cancer as well as sun exposure. Whatever the reason, it does not mean that laser hair removal can aid in the reduction of hyperpigmentation. There have been a number of instances in which the skin pigmentation was actually even darker than it had been prior to treatment.

However, it is clear that there is a chance of skin cancer and sun exposure. It is possible for patients to develop skin conditions such as the melasma, which is also known as the “mask-of-pregnancy” that can develop in pregnant women. Melasma can cause a yellowish hue to the skin, 激光脫毛 which may be more severe during the second or third trimester. This is believed to be an adverse effect of laser hair removal. They believe that the higher level of power given off by the laser in these situations causes the cells of the dermis area to change the color of their cells. This is due to the laser hair removal process, there is an increased blood flow to the area.

Although there is no method to stop the development of melasma, laser hair removal can be a reliable and 脫毛 safe alternative for those who want to lessen their appearance. When having any type of laser hair removal treatment patients must still apply sunblock in the same manner as they would when out in the sun. It is essential to understand your genetic makeup so that you can prevent any issues with melanin.

Laser hair removal might not be the ideal option for fair skin types. In these situations it is possible to use sunblock. As mentioned previously hyperpigmentation is usually caused by the presence of melanin too much in the skin. Thus, people who have lighter skin tone are more likely to suffer from this condition than those with darker skin. In addition, laser treatment can only fade the appearance of coarse, dark hair; it cannot actually lighten or whiten thin, fine hair.

To avoid this, people who have hyperpigmentation need to be aware of the risks of laser treatments. To achieve the desired amount of pigmentation, they should understand that multiple treatments will be required. It is also essential to inquire about any adverse effects of laser treatments. These could include temporary skin discoloration as well as dry skin. In the end, it is essential to do some research in order to discover if other, 激光脫毛 natural, safe methods for reducing hyperpigmentation exist. There are many natural ingredients that are able to moisturize the skin , and they can also help reduce the amount of pigmentation.


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